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True divinity lies in the union of the masculine + the feminine. Steeped in the smoky depths of guaiac wood + blended with the intoxicating scent of patchouli, surrounds you with a thick cloak of aromatic incense. A solar floral, ylang ylang brings with it a fruitful tone that transcends your Arit (chakra).

+ Top: Patchouli | Orange | Lilac 

+ Middle: Pink Pepper | Jasmine | Ylang Ylang 

+ Base: Musk | Vanilla | Guaiac Wood 

  • Crystal Properties
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  • Smoky Quartz: This healing stone activates the Root Chakra, grounding one to Earth's center. Designated as the "stone of power", the smokey crystal dissolves and cleanses negative energy to purify the seven aritu (energy centers) allowing one to let go of what is no longer serving. Its holistic benefits bring forth stability, responsibility, and increased endurance.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +