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Blossom into your full sacred center. Serene fields of green lilac enfolding with petal fresh sweetness. Zesty calabrian lemon + crisp basil dance to the rhythm of the jade waters. Raw juniper cuts through a delicately sweeping sea breeze delivering uplifting salted herbal notes.

+ Top: Calabrian Lemon | Fresh Basil 

+ Middle: Jade Waters | Green Lilac 

+ Base: Sea Breeze | Delicate Juniper 

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  • Amethyst: This healing stone activates the Third Eye Chakra, acting as one of the most spiritually significant crystals of all-time. Designated as “The Soul Stone”, its purple hue balances mood swings, dispels fear, anger, and anxiety. The stones mystical properties protects ones spiritual essence in the emotional and physical plains. Tap into the divine realm of dreams to gain creative inspiration & spiritual guidance.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +