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Let the island’s healing waves reconnect you to your physical + spiritual mana. A mesmerizing treasure of jasmine + pure white florals plucked at dawn. Flirtatious with the juicy bite of clementine. The earthy woodiness of hand-picked vetiver draped over smooth white musk.

+ Top: Clementine | Angel's Trumpet 

+ Middle: Jasmine | Neroli | Waterlily | Daisy 

+ Base: Vetiver | White Musk 

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  • Tigers Eye: This healing stone activates the sacral chakra, awarding the possessor the ability to sharpen ones inner vision unclouded by emotions. Tiger's Eye is one of the most ancient talisman, known as “The Stone of Protection” grounding one in truth and reality with spiritual immersion. The crystal absorbs toxic energies unrecognized by the language of the unspoken, which allows ones inner self to be liberated.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +