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Awaken your lunar nature. Delicately alluring with fruity + milky notes that leaves behind an amplified scent of tranquility. Ancient peach florals accompanied by ripe bergamot, succulent pears, and the herbal musk of cashmere. This hypnotic vanilla encapsulates the calming connection to the moon cycle.

+ Top: Pear | Bergamot | Peach Blossom 

+ Middle: Warm Amber | Jasmine | Cashmere 

+ Base: Musk | Sheer Vanilla | Sandalwood 

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  • Blue Calcite: This healing stone activates the Throat Chakra, encouraging us to communicate peacefully. Designated as “The Emotional Intelligence Stone,” its celestial blue complexion illuminates a tranquil mind to regulate anxiety, nerves, and emotional imbalances. This soothing talisman enhances the bodies natural absorption of important minerals promoting hormonal stability and self-expression.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +