The Goddess

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Step into your power + embody the Goddess within. Enveloped by a golden field of dahlia petals, mingling with sumptuous muguet + exotic amber. Accents of sandalwood shimmer over its leathery leaves. An immersive journey rooted in a deep romance + sensuality.

+ Top: Lemon Zest | Yellow Dahlia 

+ Middle: Jasmine | Stemmy Greens | Muguet 

+ Base: Sandalwood | Warm Amber 

  • Crystal Properties
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  • Selenite: This healing stone activates the Crown Chakra, promoting mental clarity and well-being. The power of this stone strengthens our connection to the divine feminine mind, thus empowering our dormant abilities from past lives.Designated as “The Stone of Light,” w1 its moon-like glow enriches ones personal transformation to purify the spirit.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +