The Herbal Garden

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An enchanted walk in the herbal garden. Plant your seed + watch your inner garden grow. Intoxicate yourself in the sensuous aroma of freshly cut peony in full bloom. Entwined with pink pepper, savory citrus + laced with seductive musk.

+ Top: Nectarine | Grapefruit | Mandarin 

+ Middle: Peony | Pink Pepper | Rose

+ Base: Musk | Cedar | Sandalwood

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  • Green Calcite: This healing stone activates the Heart Chakra, bringing a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Designated as the "The Growth Stone", its powerful amplifying properties help release blockages that affect personal growth. The crystal reignites ones sense of purpose in life, leaving us motivated to set our sights higher. Its light green pigment represents abundance, manifestation, and the connection to nature.

  • 11 oz. | 90 HRS +